Greenman Family: Week One

We are already well acquainted with one member of the Greenman family, Daisy, who was Bachelorette number one and on her way to being happily married.

Daisy was raised by Jason, a Sim, and Rose, a PlantSim. Technically, Daisy is not the offspring of Jason- though the way he treats her one would never be able to guess.

During the first half of the week with the Greenmans, I witness how attentive a father Jason was. Their favorite activity was singing nursery rhymes together.

After Daisy grew up, things were a bit boring around the Greenman house. Jason primarily focused on his work as a Multiregional Sim of Some Question, and Rose spent her time obsessing over the piano. Personally, I think they need to have a child but Rose seems afraid to have another.

They did adopt a cat- Alegra. Alegra was a cute kitten (shes now full grown), but she is very finicky and she only eats out of her food dish when its extremely fresh.

Towards the end of the week, Rose decided to take up Ballet.

Rose comes from a wild PlantSim colony in the forests beyond Riverblossom Hills. Jason stumbled upon the colony while hiking with his brother, and it was love at first site for Jason and Rose.

Rose’s number one desire is to grow old with Jason. She has an excellent relationship with both Jason and her daughter, Daisy. She keeps to herself mostly having no career or social life outside of her family. She’s very creative and could not possibly have any more enthusiasm for music and dance. She has learned to keep her house very clean, so that normal Sims are not uncomfortable (she prefers a soil floor, of course). Jason fell in love with Rose because of her playful and generous heart. Rose enjoys discussing entertainment, the environment, culture and health. She dislikes fashion and sports. She excels at gardening, though it isn’t one of her pastimes at the moment.

Jason is curious about life and enjoys exploring, learning about new cultures and food. He’d be eternally happy if he gets to spend the rest of his life with Rose. He has a wonderful relationship with his wife and his step-daughter. He is also friends with his brother Gabe O’Mackey, and a man named Morty Roth- whom we will meet later. He is a pretty decent cook, and works out on a regular basis. In the little free time he has, he enjoys spending time with his wife, fixing things around the house, and listening to his wife play the piano. He also knows a bit about gardening.

Hacks Added!

I’ve added two new hacks to the ‘hood…No Instant Loves and Autonomous Casual Romance…

No Instant Loves…makes it a bit trickier for Sims to actually fall in love, and it bases it on a few different factors.

ACR….makes it so Sims can autonomously do certain romantic actions and it’s based on their personalities…so romance Sims will be more likely to randomly flirt with folks. It also makes jealously more variable and based on personality. Since this mod also adds and autonomous “try for a baby”, I’m going to skip adding risky woohoo for now.

Essentially this means the Sims’ personalities will have more of an impact on romance….and the plethora of variables used by ACR will hopefully result in a more exciting game.

The Neighborhood

We didn’t get much time to play around with the neighborhood before the first Bachelor(ette) challenge was upon us! Now that we’ve settled Daisy’s romantic future, we’ll now explore the ‘hood a bit more looking for our next candidate.

My idea for this hood is to Bachelor-challenge every single adult as this neighborhood produces them. In between challenges, we’ll have posts summarizing a week in the game for each family. When a Sim transitions to an adult, we will initiate a Bachelor challenge.

The Neighborhood play will have rules reminiscent of some other challenges out there; however, it is more just a reflection of how I *normally* play the Sims 2.

Neighborhood Rules:

– No cheats/hacks that make life intentionally easier…for me, this is a given. I only use money cheats to build special lots (example: The Mansion!), and other cheats to solve glitches. The more challenging my game is, the better. However, I will be adding in hacks to improve the Bachelor Challenge (autonomous romantic actions- to spice things up a bit!) for example; along with those that add more realism to get the game, such as risky woohoo! Anything I can do to make my game more challenging, more random, or make my Sims more autonomous. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

– Rotate between each family, playing them for one game week at a time.

– After their needs are satisfied, Sims will only work towards completing their wants. I do my very best to let my Sims tell a story, and to allow them all to be different. If a Sim never wants to work towards advancing their career, that is there business…I’m happy to keep them poor!

– Aspirations, secondary aspirations, etc… will be chosen by a die roll. When it doubt, I roll a die.

– Only Sims who have a want to go to University will

The Hood:

Order of Play (interrupted by the Bachelor Challenges):







Greenman-Corleone (Bachelorette #1)


Daisy’s Round #6: The End of the Beginning

I really like Matt…he’s handsome, fun, cool, confident, interesting, charming, a great kisser… but I don’t think we are on the same path in life…the things he wants from life are not what I want.

Hmm….Matt has an even more aggressive side than Harper…he threatened me with a fork! My goodness! It’s nice to know he cares, I guess.

Pat desperately tried to smooth things over with Matt…reminding him that we knew it would come down to this kind of situation, and Pat hoped their friendship would overcome that. 

At first, it seemed like Matt was in agreement…but then he started to pick a fight with Pat- he even shoved him and got a little violent.

Pat was very upset, so I went to check on him and perhaps try to cheer him up. He insisted that he wanted to be alone on the bench outside to get some air and clear his thoughts.  I headed upstairs to lay under the growlight and wonder about the following day. I had already made up my mind and was certain, but what would be the outcome?

Anyone else notice that Pat has put on a bit of weight during this journey? Apparently he’s a bit of an emotional eater…or he just really likes the buffet. Either way, I think it’s cute! I can’t put on any weight since I don’t eat, so it’s fascinating to me. Fortunately, Pat finds my fascination with his new pudge amusing… Anyway, I digress…it’s the big day! We opened a bottle of champagne and toasted to everyone’s future…even the folks that have left the mansion. Everyone has been simply wonderful and I hope every single one of them finds happiness.

But I hope someone in particular finds their happiness with me…

“Going into this I was uncertain if I would be able to find the perfect man for me…perhaps I belonged in the wild with plantsims? No, I couldn’t go there…not after being half-raised by a Sim! But then, I met you…You keep me laughing, you make me feel loved, your natural curiosity makes you interested in and not grossed out by what I am, you appreciate the small day to day things that I also have a love for, and I think you’ll make an excellent father. Pat, will you marry me?”

“Of course.”

And there ends our first Bachelorette challenge! I think they make a cute couple, what do you think? I was originally rooting for Avery and Cameron, but as you can clearly tell Daisy knew better. When she AUTONOMOUSLY grabbed him and planted (no pun intended) a kiss…well, I knew then that they were supposed to be together. They aren’t soulmates…no three lightning bolts…though if he dyed his hair brown, he’d probably have it. I think they are very sweet together and I can’t wait to get their family started. I’ve also grown quite fond of all the other contestants and I can’t wait to see all of them fall in love!

I have plans for several changes in the challenge…I’d like to spice things up a bit! I think the Sims 3 challenge was a bit more entertaining. I think if the Sims were given some additional free time and more diversity in activities we’d see some more interesting things. I definitely want to end the next one in a foreign country.

Thank you SO SO much for reading and commenting! Stay tuned!

Daisy’s Round #5: No Twists Here

From the rules:

“…Group Date in the Hot tub. Since you now have 3 single Sims remaining, all get to share the tub with Lonely Sim.

…1 on 1 date- Have your lonely Sim do 1 kiss “romantic” with each of your single sims.

Day 6…Before 12:00, have your lonley sim do 3 flirts with each of your single sims.
…12:00 Move out time. Now you are down to 2 single Sims.”

For this group date, we could all easily fit in the hot tub. Unfortunately, Harper decided to leave early and go make a grilled cheese sandwich. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since her fit of jealousy. My time with Matt and Pat, however, was enjoyable as usual.

Later that evening, we had single dates as usual…but Harper really wasn’t interested in any of my advances. The chemistry is gone between us, I think. I still value her friendship and I’d like to continue to be acquainted with her- if she’ll allow it.

Matt is a very good kisser. I still have my doubts about a possible future with him though…he seems like a great guy to date, but I get the feeling he’s not the settling down type.

Harper had another fit of jealousy later that evening, but this time she wasn’t accusing *me* of wrong doing…she’s pretty much over me, I think. No, this time she is accusing Pat of inappropriate behavior…Hmm….

That didn’t stop us from enjoying our time, however, it was quite obvious we had both been longing for another kiss all day.

Rose Ceremony…Only Two Left!

My first rose goes to….Pat.

And the second rose goes to…Matt.

Harper- pack your bags and leave the Mansion!

Round #4- Finally Some Interesting Bits!

From the Rules:

“…Group Date in the hot tub. 1 Sim will be left out.

…1 on 1 dates have Lonely Sim do 1 “share interests” with each of your single sims.

Day 5…Before 12:00, have Lonely Sim do 3 flirts with each of your 4 remaining single sims.
…12 noon-Move out time.”

This time Kitty joined us in the hot tub. I believe Pat was returning to the buffet for an extra helping of breakfast. I’ll have to make sure I spend more time with him later.

This time for our one on one interactions we were instructed to discuss some of our interests. Harper and I chatted about ghosts, wizards and fortune-tellers! 

Kitty and I chatted about sports, and Matt and I chatted about entertainment.

Pat and I had some laughs about weird children’s toys, and the toys we enjoyed as children.

Later on that evening, after a shower, I wandered into the upstairs common room to see who was around to chat. I found Kitty busy with some financial transactions, so I left her be, but Pat was watching some television. I joined him, but we quickly ended up ignoring the television set in favor of our own conversation. He asked me questions about my life as a plantsim, and he wanted to know how strong I was…next thing I know…

….he jumped into my arms! Eek! I almost topped over onto the chair! But…I love how Pat is full of surprises and I can imagine a wonderfully exciting life with him full of spontaneous travel and games. I also began to ponder what a great parent he would be…he’d spend so much time playing with the children. Overwhelmed with these feelings I did something which I am not supposed to do until tomorrow…

Several more of the moments, intermixed with laughter and jokes, made up the next couple of hours.

Meanwhile, downstairs Harper and Matt were playing chess. I think the two of them have a really close friendship now.

After Pat turned in for the evening, I tried once again to interact with Kitty, but she was too busy.

The following day we were supposed to have one on one time outside, but before that started Harper and I decided to play a quick game of soccer.

Things didn’t go so well after the game though…I attempted some more serious flirtation than usual…and she wasn’t interested.

Strangely, however, she got incredibly angry when she saw me flirting with Kitty. I had never seen that side of Harper, and it was pretty scary!

I’m developing strong feelings for Pat, and I’m pretty sure he is feeling the same.

Rose Ceremony:

The first rose goes to Pat….I have strong feelings for him…

My second rose goes to Matt….Matt is very consistent and not threatened by much, traits that I consider valuable in a future husband. Not to mention he has gorgeous brown hair.

The third and final rose goes to…

Harper. While her jealous rage was a bit much, it shows she cares. It proved to be very difficult to get Kitty’s attention this round.

Kitty- pack your bags and leave the Mansion!


Daisy’s Round #3- We Only Needed Two Chess Tables

From the official rules:

“…12:00 pm Move out time. Check your scores and lowest moves out. Now you are down to 5 single Sims and your lonely Sim.

…Group Dates in the hot tub as before.
…1 on 1 dates have each of your single sims sit at a chess table and have Lonely Sim join each of them for a Sim half hour to an hour each. (You need to gauge this yourself, as some Sims tire out more than others and you need to get 5 chess sessions in that day.)

Day 4…Before 12 noon, have Lonely Sim do 2 flirts with each of your single sims.
…12:00 Move out time. Check the scores. Now you have 4 single Sims.”

Harper, Pat and Matt are all either incredibly motivated individuals, or are just great at races! Once again, all three of them join me in the hot tub…Of course, we had a blast. We all get along great, they are so friendly toward each other, particularly Pat and Matt who seem to have become good friends. Our group date consisted of pleasant conversations about art, theater and music, as well as some playful splashing!

Yuri has been very difficult to read. Yes, he is quite the charmer and very interesting to talk to…but he remains cool and distant. His actions don’t seem sincere…particularly when he seems to have his eye on another single.

I can’t tell you how boring it is to play chess for ten hours straight! Who came up with this blasted idea? I recommend removing it. All the games were…pleasant…hard to have deep discussions when you are focused on the game.

Today all my more flirtatious actions were very well received…perhaps my skills are improving?

Harper and I really had a connection this round….we are becoming very close. She’s easy to be around.

Oh Pat! It’s difficult to build a relationship with Pat since he tends to be sleeping or eating or just plain busy doing something else whenever it’s time for us to interact. The boy simply can’t sit still or wait for anything…in this photo you seem him in his pajama’s…and complaining about his lack of sleep…yet he manages to look cheerful while complaining about his condition…I don’t know…I thought I had the “mysterious” down pat being a plantsim and all…you know, I’m “exotic”…but Pat…he is truly an enigma.

Rose Ceremony

First Rose goes to…Harper….I think we are truly connecting. We want the same things in life (a comfortable, happy, family) and share an interest in the arts.

Second Rose goes to…Pat…I feel there is still more I need to know about him.

Third Rose goes to…Matt…I need humor in my life.

Fourth and Final Rose goes to….

Kitty. It’s hard not to love her generous and loving spirit.

Yuri…pack your bags and leave the Mansion.

Daisy’s Round #2: Hot Tubs, Chatting, and Flirting!

From the original rules:

Day 2…At 12 noon, the first single sim must move out. (This is the Sim with the lowest score on Lonely Sim’s compatability bar. Add the top and bottom numbers together and the Sim who is least liked by Lonely Sim moves out. Now you have 6 single Sims and your Lonely Sim.
…Group Dates in the hot tub. Put Lonely Sim in a hot tub. (Randomly click on your single Sims as quickly as possible and direct them to go into the hot tub with Lonely Sim. Let them fight for the stairs. The first three sims who get there first can have their group date with your lonely Sim) Put the other 3 Sims in the other hot tub.
…After hot tubbing, it’s time for the 1 on 1 dates. Have Lonely Sim do 1 single “chat” with each single Sim.”

After Avery moved out, I was instructed to get into the hot tub, then the singles had to race to the hot tub to get a spot. The three who made it were Harper, Pat and Matt. The guys spent a lot of time chatting…Matt did most of the talking. I really like Matt’s personality, he is a lot of fun and he keeps things lively.

Next up I had one on one time with each of the singles. I was surprised to find that Cameron and I didn’t have as much in common as one would hope and our conversation was a bit awkward.

Harper reacted evenly more negatively to my conversation abilities! I was becoming concerned that my inexperience in life, and conversing with adults, was preventing me from forming connections.

But things began to turn around with Kitty and I’s one-on-one time…as usual, I found her incredibly sweet and a pleasure to talk to. She is simply the most caring person I have ever met.

As I have come to expect from Matt, fun and animated conversation filled our time together. 

Pat and I also had a pleasant conversation…he has a great sense of humor. Although, Pat had fallen asleep…so he was in his PJs when we had our one on one time!

Unfortunately, I ended on a disappointing conversation with Yuri. He seemed a bit elusive about his past and it was just awkward.

The following morning, we had had another round of one-on-one time…with a bit more flirtation this time!

Disappointingly, Cameron wasn’t really interested in my attempts to get a bit closer. While I think Cameron is very attractive, I don’t think he finds me attractive…perhaps it is because I’m a PlantSim? I don’t know what it is…but I’m not really certain he is really invested in this process.

And if this wasn’t bad enough…the neighbor…Mr. McGreggor? or something…came over and started yelling at me!!! Does Cameron have a secret love that I don’t know about?

Fortunately, all my other attempts at flirting were very successful! 

I’m still uncertain of my feelings for Kitty and Harper. I really like both of them, as friends, and I think I’m developing feelings for Harper. However, I’m not quite as attracted to them as I am to some of the others.

My interactions with both Pat and Matt went well…in fact, I’m very attracted to both of them. Perhaps I like first names that rhyme with “cat”?

Yuri and I also had a pleasant time. Yuri is charming and cute, but I don’t know if my attraction is on the same level with him as it is with Matt and Pat.

Now it is time to hand out the roses….

Rose number one goes to…..

Matt- he loves life and appreciates everything.

The second rose goes to…

Pat- he’s fun.

The third rose goes to…

Harper- we have similar wants and goals in life (well, besides her fascination with grilled cheese).

The fourth rose goes to…

Kitty- such a good person.

The fifth, and final, rose goes to….


Yuri- charming!

In an unexpected turn of events….Cameron, pack your bags and move out of the Mansion!


Some facts:

Daisy has a “crush” on the following individuals: Harper, Pat, Cameron, and Matt

Daisy has a 2 lightning bolt attraction (scale is -1 to 3) to: Pat, Cameron, and Matt; and 1 bolt for Yuri.

Daisy spent a lot of time following Cameron around and trying to get him to interact with her.

Poll Results So Far…

Cameron is in the lead with 60% of the vote! Harper has 20% of the vote, and Pat has the other 20%.

The Round 2 post will be up tomorrow around noon. Who do you think will be going home?

Daisy’s Round 1: Meet & Greet


“Day 1… Meet and Greet. Let your sims do what they want, and talk to who they want.”

My first day at the Mansion was both nerve-wracking and peaceful at the same time. I was nervous to meet the contestants, of course, and particularly concerned about…well, about how they’d react to…you know, my being a PlantSim and all.

Much to my disappointment, practically everyone in the house was sick with the flu upon my arrival. Apparently, it was the remnants of a virus one of them picked up while they were at university. So, I guess there are some perks to not being able to attend university!

Everyone was very welcoming, but they were fairly low-energy due to their sickly state. Kitty is very interesting and friendly, we had a few nice conversations that made me feel at ease with the situation. 

However, after the contestants made their obligatory introductions, I was left to my own devices for awhile. Fortunately, the mansion has a pool table, and I was able to entertain myself.

After practicing on my own for a while, Pat joined me for a game. He was quite enthusiastic about the games. In fact, after I had finished playing, I wanted to compliment him on his pool skills, but he just wouldn’t stop playing. Ah well, maybe we can actually converse later!

The evening dinner was a bit awkward…the mansion and the schedule are both setup to accommodate regular Sims. I, on the other hand, do not consume plant and animal tissue for nutrition, I absorb sunlight and produce my own nutrition. In addition, my room contains a bed for sleeping, but no grow light. In fact, I am so used to living in a home with a grow light…

…that I neglected to get enough sunlight before nightfall, and ended up passing out, outside in the cold. 

I wasn’t the only one to pass out in the cold, however. Kitty insisted that the sky was too beautiful to ignore so she went outside and laid down on the hammock…and fell asleep. Fortunately, she managed to wake up before she froze to death!

Let’s see…my impressions of the contestants so far… I think Avery is quite nice, but he seems rather distant and hesitant. I don’t think he wants to be here. In fact, I may be inexperienced, but I am fairly certain he has his eyes set on Harper…and she reciprocates those feelings. Yuri is incredibly charming, and we are getting along very well. Cameron is a bit shy, but he seems pretty intelligent…and he has an interest in nature. Pat seems like a fun guy…but easily distracted. Kitty and Harper are both very nice. Matt has a cool and collected vibe about him that I appreciate.

My first rose goes to….


I wish to give the second rose to…


Third rose…


Fourth rose…


Fifth rose…


And the final rose goes to….


Avery…say your goodbyes and leave the mansion!